Recovering It All!


It starts with a decision.

Then, you find the key.

You weren't meant to do it alone.

Say "Yes"!

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things through the power of God, as living testimonies that nothing is impossible to them that believe.  NOTHING!  With God on our side, nothing can hinder us from fully achieving God's perfect will for our lives. Because God thinks generationally, what one generation begins, their descendants will continue, if they pick up the baton (the family's vision) and run with it.

My prayer for you, as you read my journey of discovery and restoration, is that you will seek with passion and tenacity, the generational blessings reserved for you.  It's already in store for you. You simply need to seek God for the:

  • Key to access it
  • Maturity to handle it
  • Character to keep it
  • Vision to pass it to your descendants
  • Courage to walk in authority over the devil
  • Discipline to maintain it
  • Humility to give all the glory and honor for the inheritance to God
  • Obligation to tithe to the church
  • Generosity to help those in need
  • Wisdom to multiply His blessing
  • Knowledge of God's purpose behind the inheritance
  • Balance to enjoy it abundantly

You have just read an excerpt from my book "Taking Back Stolen Goods".  I hope it will inspire you to take a leap of faith to allow me to partner and co-labor with you.  My passion is to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.  It is possible to live in a place of your highest fulfillment.  Contact us today to get started on your journey.  A better future for you awaits!  Until next time!


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