Taking Back Stolen Goods--Regaining In Full Measure What the Devil Has Stolen From Your Family Over the Generations

You were born to fulfill a unique purpose. There is a God-given destiny set aside for you and each of your family members that will leave a lasting impact on the world for generations to come. God's desire is that that you prosper and be successful. Do you know what God wants to accomplish through you? Don't allow the pain and misery derived from the death of a child, the loss of a spouse, rape, poverty and other life challenges keep you focused on tragedies.


This book will show you how to recognize and walk in the promises God made to your Christian family members in the past and the promises that He wants to fulfill through YOU! You have an individual as well as a family inheritance and destiny. It's time to discover and walk in it.

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Destiny Driven Workbook & Journal

Destiny Driven Workbook-What is your strongest desire in life? What do you dream about but never thought you could accomplish? What if I told you that your dreams and desires are God speaking to your heart attempting to move your heart to accomplish your desire. You are created for significance. You are God’s instrument to bring His purpose to the earth.  The Destiny Driven book is written for those who long to pursue their destiny and purpose.  It guides you through a 7-step process to discover your destiny and family legacy with the development of a 5-year strategic plan to accomplish it.  As you experience the excitement of bringing your destiny and purpose to life, journal your journey to success using the companion book entitled “Destiny Driven: Strategic Planning Journal”. 

Destiny Driven Journal-The Destiny Driven Strategic Planning Journal is designed to be used in conjunction with the Destiny Driven workbook.  Planning a strategy happens at various intervals. This Strategic Planning Journal allows you to record, in detail, each phase of your journey.  it is a permanent record of your roadmap to succes.  It will keep you encouraged.  Hopefully, your experiences will inspire others towards pursuing their destiny and purpose.

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